With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the holiday season has officially started. That means guests, family, and friends making their way through your home with dirty shoes, kitchen cooking marathons, Christmas tree needles, and just a general increase in clutter. These things can be a challenge throughout the year, but with the added business of the holiday season, maintaining a clean home for these two months is quite the riddle. But with White Glove Cleaning services, you can have your cake and eat it too. Here are some tips on keeping a clean house through the holidays.

Start Fresh

Cleaning Services Spokane Valley

Before things get really overwhelming, have a professional cleaning service come by to help your home get a fresh start. With a deep clean, the kitchen will be sanitized, the living room will be dust-free, bedroom end tables will be clutter-free, the bathroom will be spotless, and the entryway will be clean, clear, and ready to welcome guests. With this additional help in the beginning, it will be easier (even if just a little) to keep it that way.

Clean After Using the Kitchen

Thanksgiving and Christmas are possibly the two biggest meals throughout the year. The main course, snacks, and desserts all take a lot of ingredients, counter space, and they know how to leave a big mess in your kitchen. Before things get out of hand, tidy up when dishes are in the oven. If you brought out flour, sugar, baking soda, bowls, and spoons to make your famous chocolate chip cookies, put everything away while they’re in the oven. Doing this will also help your cleaning service do a much more thorough job cleaning the space during their visit.

Purge the Refrigerator

Things can accumulate quickly in the fridge and when you’re adding containers of leftovers on top of it, it’s an avalanche of smells and moldy foods waiting to happen. Before you start the cooking frenzy, throw out anything that has passed the expiration date or that you know you won’t use in the next couple of weeks. This will give you extra space for that extra apple pie.

Cleaning Services Spokane Valley

Put Things Away

Throughout the house, put things away as you use them. Remotes, books, toys, magazines, if these and other things have a home, make sure they get put back after you’re done using them. A good trick to keeping up with this is if you leave a room, take something that doesn’t belong in that room and put it where it does belong.

Avoid Puddles

This is especially important in the Spokane Valley area where the weather tends to be wetter than others. With an increase in traffic, snow and mud can easily be tracked inside onto your freshly cleaned floors. A simple rule is to have guests take off their shoes before coming in. If someone forgets, your local cleaning service will be happy to clean up after them so you can enjoy that extra time with your family.

At White Glove Cleaning, we’re dedicated to cleaning the homes in the Spokane Valley region. We want you to have a happy and clean holiday season and we’re here to help! For a professional and reliable cleaning service, give us a call today.