The stovetop is one of those surfaces around the house that seems to always be dirty. Whether it’s from splashes from cooking or dust that has accumulated from piling miscellaneous items on top of it, giving the top a good wipe down is essential to a spotless kitchen. The challenge in cleaning the stovetop is when the material could be damaged depending on what cleaning product you use. With glass stovetops, the risk is even greater, as it could damage it enough to where it’s unusable. Learn how to clean a glass stovetop from the experts at White Glove Cleaning service.

Deep Cleaning a Glass Stovetop

  • Cleaning Services Spokane ValleyBefore you clean the surface, be sure that it has cooled completely.
  • Using a microfiber cloth, dip it into white vinegar and wipe down the glass, removing any loose food.
  • If there are any stubborn spots, cover the surface with baking soda. Cover the baking soda with a towel that was dampened with hot water. Leave the solution for 15 minutes.
  • If burnt-on food still remains, carefully use a metal spatula to scrape away the food. Hold the spatula at a 45-degree angle to gently remove the food.
  • Wipe the surface down again to give it a final shine.

Daily Cleaning

If you recently purchased the glass top oven and want to keep it looking like new, quick daily cleanings will prevent spots from accumulating and can help lengthen the time in between deep cleanings. If you want help with daily cleaning, give our cleaning service a call.

  • Use a ceramic stovetop cleaning product, a glass cleaner, or white vinegar.
  • After applying the cleaning product of choice, use a microfiber cloth or soft paper towel to remove any excess foods and to degrease the top.
  • Finally, use a second clean paper towel to give the surface a final wipe down.

Preventing Future Damage

If you’re not used to a glass stovetop, there are certain habits that could cause serious damage to the stove, such as placing a plastic container on the surface without realizing the surface is hot, or leaving a spill to solidify on the stove. Follow these expert cleaning service tips to avoid these problems.

  • After you have finished using the stove, turn the elements off right away.
  • When there is a sugary spill, clean it up before it has cooled down and solidified.
  • Use a metal spatula to gently scrape away the spill and wipe the area with a damp paper towel.
  • If there is any remaining stuck on food, wait until the surface has cooled completely, and follow the steps above for a deep clean.

Cleaning Services Spokane Valley

A stove is an investment like any other appliance in the kitchen, but when the surface is glass, it needs extra attention to prevent damage. Cleaning up quickly after a spill is the best way to prevent damage, but if food is left, all is not lost. Just be careful scraping away the stuck-on food.

For any other cleaning tasks around the house, give White Glove Cleaning services a call today. Our staff is professional and thorough and we can assure you that you will come home to a spotless kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Learn more about our cleaning services and call today for an estimate.