There are a few things that will prevent a house from staying clean, such as kids, busy schedules, and pets. We love our kids, put up with our busy lives, and our pets keep us sane, so how do you keep a clean house when there are so many things working against you? A cleaning service will help when they come in each week and give your home a fresh start. But throughout the week when you don’t have time to vacuum each room every night or mop down the kitchen floors, what can you do? Here are some tips from your local Spokane Valley house cleaners to help you get through each day without wanting to put socks on your dog and shave off all of their fur.

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Stock up on Lint Rollers

These incredibly handy tools don’t have to be used just on your clothes. Keep a few in your living room and bed rooms so that when you see a patch of fur, you can quickly and easily pick it up — not throw it on the floor for later. Perfect for throw pillows, couches, or even furry spots on the carpet, you can keep pet hair at bay even when your pooch is shedding so much you’re worried they will lose all of it.

Stow Some Stain Remover

Cleaning ServicesHaving cleaning supplies laying around your house isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing look, but if you have a cute basket in a bookshelf, you can hide a bottle of carpet stain remover in there. When the inevitable accident happens, you won’t need to run to the supply closet, hunt down your favorite stain remover and hope that it hasn’t soaked too far into your furniture or carpet. Keeping certain supplies on hand will make it that much easier to pick up after Fido until your next scheduled cleaning service.

Keep Their Paws Clean

Wait, what? Can you do that? It’s definitely a frustrating struggle and never ending battle that pet owners have to put up with, but muddy paws are the biggest culprit when it comes to dirty floors. To aid in the battle, find a sturdy doormat and place it outside. Simply walking on the mat will keep some mud from coming inside. Just inside the door, place a washable mat that you can help your furry pal wipe their paws on. For a third layer of protection, keep a few old kitchen towels in your mudroom to really wipe down their nails and paws. Remember to keep rotating the towels so you’re never stuck without one.

Keep The Food in One Place

It’s a mystery how kibble can appear in rooms other than where the food is kept. To prevent this, place the food bowls in a shallow tray that will help keep the food in one area. This will also keep the floor from becoming wet with drool and water that spills over. When it’s time to clean, you can easily rinse out the tray instead of scrubbing the floors.

For a sanitized and sparkly clean home, give White Glove Cleaning a call. Our professional cleaning service can handle all of your dirtiest messes and ensure your furniture is fuzz-free. Call today for a complimentary walk through!