We’ve all been there — the last week before officially moving out of your rental property, and there’s so much left to do. Aside from having those final pieces to pack, you also have to make sure that the property is cleaned. And when your property management company says “clean,” what they mean is “better than it looked when you got here.”

So, you’ve got five days left, and a cleaning list as tall as you are. What’s there to do but accept defeat and cry among the half-packed boxes sitting in the living room? Well — we’ve got news for you! Today’s blog is going to give you a few things that you can do to make move-outs so much less painful. Check it out!


Consider Movers

Depending on how far you’re moving (and how many of your friends you can convince to help with just pizza as a bribe), professional movers might be worth the money that you’ll spend. Many companies are offering both packing and moving services, which takes a lot off your plate.

Another variable to consider is how much you have left to pack and when you need to be out by, if both of those answers immediately trigger stress, this might be the help that you’ve been looking for! Don’t wait too long to get the job scheduled — this is a service that requires a little bit of planning.


Make a Moving Plan

There’s something that’s thrilling about completely winging a move, but not really. While we know it’s not the case, many of us continue to throw any remaining items into the crevice of our car and hope that family heirloom makes it to the new place. Rather than leave everything until the very last minute, create a moving plan — even a vague one!

Figure out what day you need to be out by, what day you’re able to move in on, and give yourself a few general guidelines like:

  • When the cleaning list should be done.
  • When to ask your friends to help if you can’t afford movers.
  • When to order the pizza if your friends agree to help.

Little things! This will help ensure that, at the very least, you’ve got guidelines to help you get you through this challenging week.


Hire a Cleaning Company

So many of the items on those cleaning lists are things that you hardly have time for. Some of them you likely don’t have time to do. For example, dust the floor molding. Does it look better than when you moved in? You probably didn’t look at the crown molding, so who knows!

Rather than find the box where you packed your q-tips and cleaning supplies, call a professional that is familiar with move-out requirements and can make sure you’re taken care of.

White Glove has done a fair share of move out cleaning in the Spokane area. Regardless of if it’s a house or an apartment, we’ve got you taken care of. Call us today, and we can schedule a walk-through of the location that needs to be cleaned so that we can give you a custom quote. Don’t wait until the last minute — call us now!