whiteglove_housekeeperWhen you have a cleaning service coming to your home regularly, it can sometimes feel like your house is messier in between housekeeping visits. You can come home from work after a professional cleaning has been done and feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders looking at how tidy and fresh every surface is. But somehow, the next day there are dishes on the kitchen counter, the bathroom floor is already covered with dirty laundry, and the living room becoming a treasure trove of kids’ toys. What can you do to keep your house clean before the next cleaning service visit? Here are some tips from your friendly housekeepers at White Glove Cleaning.

Wipe Down the Bathroom

Any family with kids or even a messy adult in the house will know what a messy bathroom sink is like; toothpaste dripping from the tube, hair in the drain, and water spots on the mirror. Before you take a shower in the morning or after you brush your teeth at night, take 30 seconds to wipe down the surface quickly. Even just using a tissue or a paper towel will make a big difference and you won’t be adding to the pile of laundry. For the shower, keep a daily shower cleaner on the edge of the tub and quickly spray the walls to help prevent bacteria from growing.

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Empty the Dishwasher

A good rule of thumb is that if a dish is used, don’t put it on the kitchen counter near the sink, but immediately put it into the dishwasher. When one water glass, cereal bowl, or used pan has been put on the kitchen counter, it is easier to keep placing items on the counters while the dishwasher remains empty. In addition, run the dishwasher as soon as it’s full and empty it as soon as it’s finished. When the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, there is definitely a higher chance of dirty dishes piling up on the counters.

cleaning serviceKeep Kitchen Counters Clean

Kitchen counters acquire various items from all over the house, not just dirty dishes; piles of school books, opened mail that hasn’t made it to the trash, or groceries that still need to be put away. These piles might start out small, but over time it will hinder a cleaning service from doing a thorough job. While dinner is in the oven, take a few minutes to put away items that have piled up.

Clean up Clutter

If you take a glance at your kitchen, living, or dining room the day before a cleaning service is scheduled to come, it can be surprising how many little items are left lying around like kids’ toys, socks, shoes, empty drinking glasses, or jackets hastily taken off and thrown on top of the couch. When you’re leaving a room, try to make it a habit of picking up an item that doesn’t belong in that room.

These tips will not only help you remain sane in between residential cleaning visits but will also help your housekeeping service do a better job at cleaning each room. White Glove Cleaning wants to help keep that weight off of your shoulders. Schedule a cleaning today with a professional cleaning service.