The new year is still young, so if you made resolutions to keep a cleaner or more organized home, there’s still hope of sticking to them. You’re probably still celebrating the new year into the first week of January, so if you’re just starting now, don’t worry, White Glove Cleaning service is here to help.

First steps first, though. Are you still adjusting from your New Year’s Eve party? It’s not uncommon for plates, cups, streamers, and kazoos to still be laying around for weeks after guests have finally left. When you’re busy with so many other things, why not have a professional cleaning service come in and get the job done quickly and thoroughly? At White Glove Cleaning, we’ll make sure that every piece of confetti has been picked up from the corners and inside the carpet, the kitchen will be spotless, the bathroom sanitized, and even the bedrooms will have perfect bed corners. We don’t just do single-family homes, either, we’ll come to your apartment too!

Cleaning Resolutions You Can Keep

Cleaning Services Spokane ValleyManage Your Mail

Unimportant junk mail and even bills can quickly pile up in the entryway, kitchen, or dining room table, making it hard to clean the space at all. Instead of tossing a pile of mail to the side to take care of later, keep a trash can close to the door that you come into the house through and throw away anything you don’t want. This will help keep the pile smaller and more manageable. For more important mail, create a spot dedicated to mail so that it’s easier to take care of.

Do a Quick Sweep Each Night

This is especially helpful if you have a lot of hard surfaces around the house. When people are constantly tracking in dirt, it can easily spread from the entryway to the dining room and bathrooms. Take a couple minutes each night to do a light sweep to pick up any larger pieces of dirt. Our cleaning service staff will make sure that smaller pieces that hide in the corners get taken care of when we visit.

Use a Daily Shower Cleaner

It doesn’t take long for soap scum and hard water deposits to accumulate in the shower. At night, after everyone has showered, do a quick spray down the shower curtain and wall tile. That’s all it takes to keep your shower looking cleaner for longer.

Cleaning Services Spokane ValleyUse Lots of Waste Baskets

Every room should have a waste basket so everyone in the family can easily throw away trash. This way wrappers, tissues, food packaging, and any other items won’t sit on the coffee table or kitchen counter until someone else takes care of it. When you want White Glove Cleaning service to take care of it, we’re more than happy to come as little or as often as you want for you to have a happy home.

The new year can mean new resolutions, trying new things, and maybe keeping a cleaner home! We understand that you have busy lives, so if you need some extra help in the cleaning department, we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call today and we’ll help make your new year one to remember.