While doing chores and some extra work around the house isn’t the best way to get ramped up for vacation, you will surely appreciate a clean house when you come home. From doing additional laundry before locking up to being sure the dishwasher is empty, there are a list of things that can help make your home fresh while you are away and make coming home a little easier. For a home that is cleaner than it has ever been, contact White Glove Cleaning. Our cleaning service takes care of your home as if it were our own.

house cleaning servicesLaundry

You may think that since you’ll have suitcases of laundry to do when you get back that the wet towels and existing laundry in the hamper can wait. But by the time you get back, wet bath towels can add an incredible dampness to the bathroom that also leaves an undesirable smell. If towels in the bathroom don’t make it to the washer, at least hang them so they can dry in open air.

Are you a family who makes their beds each morning? If so, you’ll know how wonderful it is to be able to fall into a tidy bed after a long day. The same goes for washing the sheets before a vacation. This doesn’t need to be done the night before you leave, but washing the sheets at least a day or two ahead of time, and definitely making the bed before you leave, means you can enjoy a fresh and cozy bed to snuggle up in.

The whole family trying to plan and pack what they are wearing on vacation could mean rejected vacation clothes laying around the floors and on top of dressers. Dirty clothes should be put in line for the washing machine and clean clothes that don’t make the cut for vacation outfits should be hung up or folded and put away.

Cleaning ServicesKitchen

There’s nothing worse than opening the refrigerator for a snack after a long day of traveling home from vacation and finding moldy leftovers and smelly vegetables. Go through the contents of your fridge and throw out items that will expire while you’re gone and leftovers that you don’t plan on eating. If time permits, wipe down empty shelves to ensure a smell doesn’t creep up.

A clean kitchen is almost as important as a tidy bed when you come home from vacation. Load and run the dishwasher the night before and wash breakfast dishes the morning of travel day. Or instead of dirtying dishes the few days before travel, consider using paper plates that can be thrown out.

Other Checklist Items:

  • Clean the car
  • Make sure the oil and other car fluids are full
  • Tidy up the living room
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to check your mailbox

Preparing for vacation can sound like a lot of work, but spend some time getting the house in order so you don’t have to worry about a messy home after vacation is over. If you’re looking for a housekeeping service to visit your home while you’re away to dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom, and more, give our professional cleaners a call. White Glove Cleaning service is dedicated to giving homeowners a clean and fresh house to come home to.