housekeeping services

Hiring a cleaning service is a decision that can simplify your life in a way that you have never expected. Never worry about getting out the mop and broom, or dusting the obnoxious surfaces that somehow are always dusty and grimy. Letting someone else take over this task allows you to have more time during your day or your week to focus your energy on more important things. If you have a busy job, a family, and hobbies that take up a majority of your time, take something as tedious as housekeeping and let professional cleaners do the job for you.

When you’re shopping around for housekeeping services, being sure that you are comfortable with the team is an important consideration. Asking certain questions will allow you to see what the company is like and if they are a good fit for you. White Glove Cleaning is a house cleaning service, but we are also homeowners and mothers and fathers just like you. We want to make your life easier by offering a service that will allow you to focus on other things. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want to get to know us. Here are some suggestions of questions to ask.

Are You Insured?

An insured cleaning service means that in the event of any accidents, the company is the one responsible for the cost. If there is an additional policy regarding what will happen if there is any damage, ask to look it over.

Do You Carry Workman’s Compensation?

Similar to having insurance, if an employee of the housekeeping service is injured on the job, the company should be responsible for any costs. Since the team is on your property, if the company does not have workman’s comp and there is an injury, the homeowner will carry the burden of the bills.

house cleaning servicesHow Do You Screen Employees?

Ask whether or not references are checked for potential employees or background checks. Ultimately, a team of residential cleaners will be in your home, often when you are not there, and it is important for some to know that they can trust each member of the team.

Who Provides the Supplies?

A company that provides their own supplies will ensure a couple things:

  • The correct products will be used on the right job. An all purpose cleaner that the homeowner provides might be less expensive, but may not be the right tool for cleaning the windows.
  • This will save you money from having to purchase the right supplies. A large amount of cleaning supplies is likely to be used and could be costly.

Is There a Checklist?

This will help all parties involved. The homeowner will be able to provide a list of what tasks they want completed, and will also let the cleaning company see what needs to be done. Creating a list of what kitchen utensils need to go where will also help your home stay organized. Be as specific as possible when creating a list, do you want toys to be put away? What should be done with laundry?

There are a few examples of potential questions to ask when you are looking to hire a cleaning service. With White Glove Cleaning, you can be confident that you are hiring professional cleaners who are trustworthy and reliable. Give us a call today and ask as many questions as you like.