Now that the holidays have finally come to an end, it’s time to clean up the leftover spills on the carpet, the crayon from the walls, the food stains in the sink, and the hair from the bathroom. With so much cleaning to tackle, we’re going to focus this blog on getting the pesky stains out of the carpet. Whether someone accidentally knocked over a glass of wine or someone got sick after eating too much pie, carpet stains are definitely a downside to all of the holiday cheer. The good news is that there are fixes and if you need assistance cleaning up after the final guest has left, White Glove Cleaning services is here to help.

Here are the worst carpet stains and how to remove them:

Cleaning Services Spokane ValleyRed Wine

The most important thing with many carpet stains is to avoid scrubbing the area. This will only cause the stain to spread and the liquid will be pushed further into the fibers of the carpet. Dab at the stain with a thick towel to remove any excess liquid or to help absorb any remaining liquid, try pouring a bit of salt onto the area. You can also mix a few drops of dish soap into warm water to spot clean the area. Just continue dabbing with a clean towel to remove the soap and wine stain from the carpet.

Urine or Pet Waste

Dogs can get excited and you can hardly blame them when there are so many good foods around. But when there’s a mess in the house, it’s important to get it up fast to avoid the smell from absorbing into the carpet. First, pick up any solid waste and then attack the stain. Using white vinegar can help keep the odor from becoming permanent. Use hydrogen peroxide to dab at the stain and to remove any discoloration. Be careful with the amount of peroxide you use, however, as it could damage the carpet.

Cleaning Services Spokane Valley


Again, try to pick up any solid pieces before laying down any cleaning products on the stain. With a plastic bag, pick up any pieces and then invert the bag and throw it away. With vomit, ammonia works well to remove any stains. Just mix the ammonia with water before you apply it. To remove any remaining ammonia from the carpet, use a drop or two of dish detergent and gently dab away any liquid.


However it happened, a blood stain on the carpet isn’t exactly a pleasant look, so to avoid any permanent stains, act quickly. Pour cold water over the affected area, just don’t use too much and don’t use hot water. Peroxide will also help with blood stains as well.

Grape Juice

When kids want wine, you give them grape juice, right? But when they spill, it’s also important to act quickly. Use a clean towel to pick up any excess juice and dab the area with hydrogen peroxide or dish soap to pick up the stain.

Cleaning Services Spokane Valley

Cleaning up after the holidays is a necessary task, but we’re sure you would rather be outside enjoying the news toys you received. For a professional and thorough cleaning service, give White Glove Cleaning a call today. Our cleaning service staff are more than happy to return your home to its pre-holiday condition.