There are some surfaces that escape your notice each day but are some of the dirtiest places in your home. When you move throughout your home, you make coffee in the morning, put dishes in the kitchen sink, you chop up vegetables and chicken for dinner, all of these activities use items that come in contact with many different surfaces in your home. Some of these activities create some of the most germ-filled surfaces. If you want to have a germ-free home, these areas need special attention in order to protect your family from harmful germs and bacteria. At White Glove Cleaning, our cleaning service wants to help you out by cleaning and sanitizing the dirtiest places in your home.

Kitchen Sink

How often do you use soap to wash your kitchen sink? If you do your dishes in the sink, you may fill it up with soap and water, and give it a good rinse after everything is done; but think about how dirty that soapy water was. If you have a dishwasher, do you put dirty dishes in the sink? The leftover food, the knives that have raw chicken juice, glasses that were drunk out of, the longer they are left in the sink, the more time they have for germs to grow.

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The edge of the tub always seems to be covered slightly in dust and hair. Even though it may not be noticeable, the walls of the shower have a thin layer of grime that may or may not be cleaned very often. This is also a place you spend a lot of time in, whether that’s showering or lounging in the tub. Next time you take a bath, though, think about when the last time it was thoroughly cleaned.


Your computer keyboard, both laptops, and PCs, the remote control, gaming console controllers, these items are used by many people during the day. You might be confident in how clean your hands are, but what about those of your eight-year-old? The space between buttons on remote controls, the space between keys on keyboards are all probably covered in germs.

Salt & Pepper Shaker

When was the last time you emptied your salt and pepper shaker and put the containers in the dishwasher? Never? The tops and inside of the tops of these items also gather dust that may go unnoticed. These items also allow the salt and pepper to be put directly onto your food! After dinner tonight, when you’re wiping down the dining room table, wipe off the tops of the salt and pepper shaker while you’re at it.

house cleaning servicesStove Knobs

Anyone who cooks a lot, knows they touch the knobs on the stove. It’s not only the touching that causes germs but splashes of oil that add to the grime of these knobs. When oil lands on the knobs and dust settles on top of that, it can leave a pretty ugly and germy mess. Kitchen cleaning is a big task and knobs are often forgotten.

Coffee Maker

How often have you left the filter and used coffee grounds in the coffee maker? Or wiped out the inside of the maker where the grounds are? It can be pretty scary scene if it has been a while. Germs in this little appliance could end up in your morning coffee.

Give yourself a break and know that you can still have a germ free home with the help of a cleaning service. Everyone has busy lives and not much leftover time to be sanitizing and thoroughly cleaning every dirty surface, especially the hard to reach ones. Let the professional cleaners at White Glove Cleaning give you a hand. Contact our housekeeping service today!