In our previous blog post, White Glove Cleaning Services, the best professional cleaners, explained the importance of cleaning items daily. In this blog post, we’ll discuss items you should clean on a weekly basis to keep your home white and bright. Contact us today for you residential cleaning needs!


  • Kitchen appliances. Let’s face it, you use your kitchen appliances probably close to 100 times a day, depending on the size of your family. You’re leaving behind fingerprints, dirt, and food bits, as well as germs on everything you touch. If you cook on the stove, food may get spilled or oil and grease can build up. Wipe down and disinfect at least once a week (more if needed) all your kitchen appliances in your kitchen cleaning routine.
  • Furniture. Dust builds up — and quickly. Dust is pollen, microscopic organisms, plant material, and dander (dead skin cells shed by animals and humans) that can cause health problems such as irritation of the eyes, coughing, sneezing, and may exacerbate asthma. It’s important to remove it from your home once a week. Use a wet towelette or a multipurpose spray to remove dust (otherwise, you are mostly likely just pushing the dust around if you use another method).
  • Floors and carpets. Carpet cleaners will tell you the more you vacuum, the cleaner your carpets will stay. As you walk around with dirt on the floor, you are smashing the dirt into the carpet, discoloring it. Vacuum your entire house at least once a week; high traffic areas may need more than once a week. If Fido decides mud is his jam one day, vacuum him as well!
  • Bathroom. Due to the nature of what goes on in the bathroom, bathrooms are a place you should never neglect to clean. In fact, the toilet itself can cause a huge problem. If you leave the lid up when you flush, germy water particles can spray up to six feet across the room, hitting every surface with bacteria just waiting to find a home. The bathtub and shower should be dried once a day, but both should be scrubbed once a week to remove any possible mildew that may have started to form as well as any stains, such as hard water stains. The toilet should be scrubbed once a seek. White Glove Cleaning recommends using either bleach or a commercial toilet bowl cleaner with bleach to kill bacteria and other nasties in your toilet and keep it bright for guests who will judge you based on your toilet cleanliness and bathroom cleaning.
  • Sheets. You most likely spend at least eight hours a day in bed. Whatever is on your body gets transferred over: oils, dirt, grime, germs, makeup, and sweat. Wash your sheets once a week to prevent the spread of germs.

White Glove Cleaning Services offers house cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, apartment cleaning, and move-in, move-out cleaning for the Spokane area. We use only the highest-quality environmentally-friendly products, so you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes from cleaning products invading your space. We understand that you may not have time to clean in your busy schedule. Let us do the house cleaning and office cleaning for you, so you can spend more time reading books to the kids at night and serving your customers during the day. Contact us today for all of your professional cleaning service needs!