Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean that cleaning is any less of a chore than it is for a homeowner. You still have to make time in your busy schedule and remain committed to tidying up regularly to make sure your place is a clean, comfortable place to live. Thankfully, cleaning an apartment can be quick and easy with a few tips from White Glove Cleaning, your go-to source for apartment cleaning services in Spokane Valley. Let’s take a look at them now!

Apartment Cleaning 101

Choose the Right Supplies

First things first: the right cleaning supplies make all the difference when it comes to how much effort you have to put into scrubbing and the results you receive. You might have multiple surfaces to clean, but that doesn’t mean you have to splurge on different cleaning products for each of them. The following cleaning supplies should be more than sufficient for cleaning an apartment from top to bottom:

  • An all-purpose, multi-surface cleaning solution
  • Glass cleaner
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • No-scratch sponges
  • Trash bags
  • A toilet brush
  • A duster
  • A broom and vacuum

Most if not all of these items can be picked up at your local WalMart or Target at very reasonable prices. If you are concerned about your budget or the impact that cleaning agents can have on the environment, there are many DIY cleaning solution recipes online that are absolutely fantastic.

Tackle the Four Major Living Areas


If there is one thing that can make a room look dirty when it isn’t, it is clothes on the floor, bed, desk, or anywhere other than the hamper or closet. Put dirty clothes in the hamper and take the time to fold and put away clean clothes. This only takes a few moments and it clears other surfaces to be cleaned. While you are at it, make your bed and throw away any old magazines, papers, and other trash, straightening items on your dresser and nightstand as you go. Dust all the flat surfaces that you can and vacuum the rug.


Most apartment bathrooms are not very spacious. Unfortunately, clutter can make this space can seem smaller and dirtier than it is. To prep the space for cleaning, clear all the toiletries off of the counter (bonus points for putting them away where they belong!) and then hang up towels and washcloths. Remove bath mats and shake them out. Now you can clean the mirror and vanity, scrub the toilet, and clean the tub and tile. When you are done, sweep the floor and wipe it down before you replace the bathmats.


This is one room that benefits from the clean-as-you-go strategy. In other words, removing non-kitchen clutter, doing your dirty dishes, wiping off the counters, and cleaning the stove daily will pay dividends in the long run. If you haven’t subscribed to this cleaning method, then the best place to start is clearing away clutter, taking out the trash (don’t forget old leftovers!), and doing the dishes. From there, you can wipe down all the surfaces, sweep and wipe down the floor, and enjoy your beautiful, clean kitchen.

Living Room

If your living room is like most, it quickly becomes a catch-all space. Books, mail, magazines, school work, and other items build up fast on the coffee table and end tables, and while they are conveniently in reach, they can make the space look unkempt. Remove all the clutter that you can and put it in a laundry basket or other container to go through later — this will save you the time of running here and there to put things away. This makes it a breeze to dust tables, vacuum upholstered furniture, the floor, and any rugs to create a tidy living space.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

If the tasks we have mentioned so far seem like they will take up too much of your time, then why not hire professional apartment cleaning services to help you out? There is no shame in reaching out to a reputable cleaning company to help you make the most of your free time. In fact, many White Glove Cleaning clients say that they wish they would have done so sooner. There is nothing like coming home to a clean, fresh-smelling apartment without having to lift a finger!

Spokane Valley White Glove Cleaning Service

Cleaning an apartment doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process — the tips in today’s post can have you enjoying a spotless living environment with just a few small tweaks to your current cleaning routine. Don’t have time to clean your apartment or have physical limitations that make it possible for you to reach some areas? No problem! The apartment cleaning professionals at White Glove Cleaning in Spokane Valley are happy to help you out. We’ll thoroughly clean everything from your blinds, ceiling fans, and switch plate covers to your main living areas, all for a price that can’t be beat. Contact us to request a quote and schedule your cleaning services today!