If you’ve ever had a cleaning service come through your home, one of the things you may notice right away is how clean the floors are! Floors are often overlooked when homeowners go about their cleaning tasks, maybe because we never look down, or maybe the thought of moving chairs and piles of shoes out of the way is reason enough to skip that step. But it’s always a pleasant surprise coming home to see fresh floors after the housekeeper has left. This may make you think about how you didn’t notice just how dirty they were before, though. So what can you do to make that fresh appearance of your floors last longer? Here are some tricks.


Frequently Use a Lightweight Vacuum

At the end of the day when the kids are getting ready for bed, do a quick pass with the vacuum cleaner throughout the house. Don’t worry about reaching every spot or moving furniture or even shoes out of the way. Taking a quick five minutes will be just enough to make a big difference. Using a lightweight vacuum cleaner will make the job less tedious and cumbersome.

Wear Fuzzy Socks

This is kind of a strange trick, but it’s especially helpful if you have floors that aren’t carpeted. Little bits of dust will stick to the socks instead of spreading it around. Socks are only worn once anyway, so toss them into the laundry basket at the end of the day and the kids will be helping clean the floors without even knowing it.

Keep Shoes Outside

Or at least in a mudroom. It can be awkward telling guests that they have to take their shoes off before they come in, but if it saves you some cleaning time, it’ll be worth it. Especially in the wet winter months in Spokane Valley, muddy shoes and boots will make a huge mess on the floors.

Cleaning ServicesKeep Food in the Kitchen

This may be a challenge, but if food stays in one room all of the crumbs will at least be in one place. Taking a plate of food into the living room means bits of food get dropped into the couch, onto the floor and coffee tables that may end up sitting there until the house cleaning.

Dust Everywhere

Little dust particles are always in the air and they will land everywhere. Have the kids help or spend five minutes every other day, but dusting is essential to keeping floors tidy. The more dust that accumulates in the house, the easier it will be for it fall onto other surfaces and spread around the house.


Cats, dogs, or fish, if you have pets, they are surely contributing to messy floors. Indoor and outdoor dogs may be the biggest culprits because they will track dirt and mud from outside onto your clean floors. During wet seasons, make it a habit of wiping off their paws before bringing them inside. Time-consuming? Yes, slightly, but you’ll appreciate not having to spend more time dabbing away at mud prints. Sweep up messy cat litter every night and take fish food from the container directly over the bowl so it doesn’t fall onto the floor.

Spend a few minutes each day vacuuming and dusting, don’t budge on rules about food and shoes, and you’ll be able to enjoy clean floors for longer. For the ultimate clean, our housekeeping company White Glove Cleaning will be glad to help you out. Call us today for a consultation with a professional cleaning service in Spokane Valley.