What are the chores that you hate the most? Cleaning the house is among the top chores that homeowners put off for days. Somehow, your favorite TV show always comes on right before you start cleaning the bathroom. As your local cleaning service in Spokane Valley, we know better than anyone that the homeowners love to come home to bathroom or kitchen cleaning that is complete and all of the faucets are shiny and the dishes are done. What are some of the most tedious house cleaning tasks that we can take off of your to-do list? Here are just a few. Give us a call to learn all of the tasks we can do in your home.

Cleaning Bathtub

Spraying on smelly cleaners, letting them sit for a couple minutes, scrubbing at the grime, rinsing the walls, bathroom cleaning is a time-consuming task. Kneeling over the tub, getting into each corner, making sure that long hairs aren’t clinging to the walls, letting someone else take over this chore will be pretty easy. It’s not just the shower or the tub, either, White Glove Cleaning will clean in and around the bathroom sink, the floors, and any windows in the bathroom.

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In the living room, kitchen, or bedrooms, the baseboards don’t get a lot of attention because they’re so low to the ground. However, baseboards are some of the dirtiest surfaces in your home. Close to the ground, the top of the baseboards can see a lot of dust that settles on top. When this surface isn’t cleaned regularly, a thin layer of dust can quickly become a thick layer that is easier to see. Take this not-so-fun task off of your to-do list and we’ll add it to ours.

house cleaningBlinds

Blinds may not be an obvious house cleaning task because they are constantly being pulled up and let down. How could dust settle on them? Blinds, even though you might use them more than baseboards, still need attention to ensure that they are clean, and remain clean. White Glove Cleaning won’t just quickly dust over the blinds, but we will thoroughly clean these surfaces.


Hidden behind blinds or curtains, window sills are also among the dustiest surfaces in your home. When was the last time you cleaned your window sills? If you can’t remember, you might want to call us before you look at them. Opened windows during the summer can let in dust, pollen, and other dirty substances from the outside that land on the window sill. With our housekeeping services, you can focus on the dogs playing in the yard instead of how dirty the sills are.

housekeepingMaking Beds

Have you had a mini-battle with your fitted sheets recently? Have you been frustrated when one corner goes on and the opposite corner pulls off, the sheet is sideways and you have to start over, tucking in the top sheet, putting on blankets, and pillows, and doing it again in another bedroom? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this too.

The Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is the task that takes the cake when it comes to the least fun chores in the home. If you come home to a sparkling toilet and it puts a smile on your face, our professional cleaners will gladly take this over.

Taking over house cleaning tasks that you dread doing in your home brings us the most pleasure. When we can give you back some time in your schedule, or in any way make your day easier, we know that we have done part of our job. The other part is ensuring your home is spotless and all of the tasks are completed to your expectations and above. Give our cleaning service company a call to schedule a walk-through today!