When you’re so focused on getting a job done and doing it well, you’re probably not worried about crumbs accumulating inside your keyboard, the desk becoming more and more cluttered with papers, or the overall cleanliness of the your office as a whole. We understand the want to be the best at your job, we’re right there with you. So how can you go about your day while doing an excellent job and keeping your office and desk clean? White Glove Cleaning has some tips for you. In between visits from your commercial cleaning service, here are some ways in which you can keep your Spokane Valley office clean and fresh.

Encourage Hand Washing

We know it’s not pleasant to think about, but there’s a good chance that not everyone washes their hands in your office. When sickness is transferring from person to surface to another person, when people touch their faces at least 18 times per hour, it’s more important than ever to make this simple routine a habit. If possible, have automatic soap dispensers installed in the bathrooms, kitchens, and break rooms for ease of use and will encourage this hygienic practice.

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Make Disinfectant Wipes Available

When cleanliness is just a wipe away, people will be more likely to pick up the habit of cleaning regularly. Whether in the lunchroom after a meal or at desks around the office, when employees are able to wipe down their desk from time to time, especially when someone is sick, this can help prevent germs from spreading around. Be sure to wipe down the mouse, keyboards, computer towers, scissors, and make sure to get the ear and mouth pieces of phones.

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Declutter Your Desk

Stand up and take a few steps away from your desk and pay attention to just how much has accumulated over time. There may be a bin of to-do tasks, a pile of snacks, notepads, boxes of paperclips, not all of these items are dirty and covered with germs, but clearing up your desk promotes efficiency. This is especially important the day before a commercial cleaning services comes to your office. They will be able to do a more thorough job of cleaning desks when it has been cleared of extra stuff.

Try Not to Eat at Your Desk

There will always be days when there’s no way around eating your lunch at your desk, whether that’s a busy schedule, or you needed to work through your lunch to leave early for an appointment. But on days when you are able to take lunch away, enjoy the time and get away from your desk! Not only will you feel refreshed (or ready for a nap) after you return, there will fewer crumbs inside your keyboard that could make the mess worse. Keep in mind that your keyboard is one of the germiest places in your office.

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Assign a Place for Everything

If you’re lucky to have an office to yourself, the major benefit is being able to close your door. The negative to this is that you have to keep it organized. Folders, bins, pencil and pen cups, drawers full of miscellaneous items, it’s hard and can be time-consuming to keep everything tidy. If you’re struggling with a messy desk, take an afternoon to put everything away and create a system. After the initial setup stage, it will be easier to put away papers in the right folder and folders in the right bin and the bins in the right spot in your office.

Overall, with a clean and tidy office, employees will be more productive and have a higher respect for their office. With the help of a commercial cleaning service, you can feel at ease knowing you can open the office’s doors to a clean and sanitized space. Give White Glove Cleaning a call today. We service Spokane Valley and the surrounding communities.