Businesses in and around the Spokane Valley area are all trying to save money in order to increase their bottom line. Companies often add to employees workflow to save on personnel costs, limit their business expenses, and ask employees to turn off computers at night to save on energy costs. There are savings to be had in various aspects around the office, including the commercial cleaning services. White Glove Cleaning is dedicated to providing our clients with a superior and cost-effective clean. Here are some ways you can save!

Commercial Cleaning Spokane Valley

Prevent Bigger Problems

With regular commercial cleanings, professionals are able to spot small problems that they can prevent from becoming larger, expensive problems. For example, is your office covered with wall-to-wall carpet? A small stain might not seem like a big deal, but when the same employee spills their coffee on the carpet next to them week after week, it’s time to replace the carpet, and maybe the padding below it. A commercial cleaning company will spot this, clean the stain, and keep the carpet as good as new.

Commercial Cleaning Spokane ValleyCentralize The Garbage Bins

If your office is sprawled across a big floor with hundreds of desks, the time it takes to empty each trash bin at each desk can add up. When the time it takes to clean the office increases, so does your cost. By placing a few trash bins in select places, such as near bathrooms, kitchens, and break rooms, commercial cleaners will take less time to empty them all out. You can still protect the appearance of your office when the bins are placed in discreet locations.

Use Extra Floor Mats

We just turned the page to a new fall season and winter is coming up quickly, which means employees, clients, and visitors who come into your office will be dragging in puddles and dirt. By placing an extra mat at each entrance, this will give anyone who comes in the extra space to wipe off their shoes. This will not only keep carpets as clean as possible, but there will be less time spent on cleaning messy entrance ways.

Commercial Cleaning Spokane ValleyConsider A Different Towel

If you are an environmentally conscious business, you’ll appreciate this tip. Rather than stocking up on white paper towels for bathrooms and kitchens, replace them with brown towels. They may not have that fresh white look, but they are actually more absorbent and are manufactured without chemicals, dyes, or bleaches that can harm the environment.

Switch to Foam Soap

If you’re currently using liquid soap, it could be costing you money. By switching to foam soap, you can save money on the soap itself and water to rinse it off with. Foam soap can last up to three times longer, cleans easier, and rinses off of your hands easier, which allows the water to be running for less time.

These quick and simple changes in your commercial cleaning service can save money and help to protect the environment. If you’re looking to save money wherever possible, learn more about White Glove’s commercial cleaning service and contact us today for a free walkthrough.