When you’re busy at work, the cleanliness of the surfaces around you may not cross your mind. But you come in contact with several surfaces and objects each day that is covered in germs. When you think about how often your coworkers wash their hands after coughing or sneezing, after making lunch, or using the bathroom, it’s not a very comforting thought. The good news is that you don’t need to put up with germs in your Spokane Valley office when a commercial cleaning company comes in each day to sanitize your desk. To learn what the germiest places in your office are and for more information about what White Glove Cleaning can do for your business, read on.

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office cleaning servicesWhether you work in the front office answering phones, or in the back office talking with clients or customers, there’s a good chance you come into contact with germs on your phone multiple times a day. This can be an especially cringe-worthy thought when the weather is warmer and our skin tends to be slightly more oily.

Water Fountains

You may want to start bringing your own water bottle to work each day after hearing that drinking fountains have nearly 2.7 million germs per square inch on the spigot. The spout doesn’t frequently get sanitized, but with a professional office cleaning, you can be confident you’re drinking water safely. Don’t forget about the button as well, anything that comes in contact with each other’s hands is probably germ covered.


How often do you eat lunch at your desk? Food particles fall into our keyboard, our hands get dirty and reach for the mouse, it’s no wonder keyboards are one of the most germiest places. Our hands themselves are full of germs if we don’t wash our hands frequently, leaving our keyboards, mouse, and monitors with harmful bacteria.

Commercial CleaningBathrooms

No surprise here. Surfaces throughout the bathroom are covered with bacteria. The toilet seat itself, the flusher handle, and sink faucet, it can be a challenge getting out of the bathroom with clean hands. Don’t forget about paper towel dispensers if they aren’t motion sensored, the handle is another surface to avoid.

Common Areas

Lunchrooms, elevators, reception areas, or anywhere with light switches, door knobs, and railings are all susceptible to germs. When clients or customers come into your office you can hope that their hands are clean and their shoes were wiped off, but there’s no guarantee. Surfaces in the lunchroom can also be worrisome. Tables, chairs, and countertops are one thing, but don’t forget about the refrigerator and microwave door handles, coffee pots, and sink faucets.

These are just a few of the surfaces that should give you second thought before touching them, but think about how many objects you touch and hands you shake throughout your day. If your office is on the busier side and there is a constant stream of people walking through, if your co-workers have kids, germs are hard to avoid completely. That’s why it is so crucial to have a commercial cleaning service to come and sanitize the surfaces in your office each day. To learn more about White Glove Cleaning and how we can make your office safe and healthier, give us a call today.